ministry statement

Calvary’s Purpose for Ministry

To lead people to a committed and growing relationship with Christ and His Church.


Calvary’s Vision

Creating environments where people are encouraged and equipped to know Christ, serve Christ and share Christ.


Calvary's Core Values

  • Spirit Led: Our first step in anything we do is pray for the Holy Spirit’s power and guidance.
  • Purposeful: Everything Calvary Church does must lead people to Christ as their Savior and help them grow in their relationship with Christ and His church.
  • Ministry Aligned: We believe that all ministries, our staffing model, our organizational and governance structure, and every other aspect of Calvary Church must be aligned. We view our ministries as steps.
  • Relational: Three principles are key to true Christian fellowship:
  1.   The Testimony of God’s Word.
  2.   It is mutual, and depends on the unity of believers.
  3.   It is renewed daily through the Holy Spirit.
  • Culturally Relevant: We continually learn about our culture in order to use it in leading people to Christ.

Gift Based: All spiritual gifts come from the Holy Spirit, and he calls use to use those gifts. Christian Ministry should be a team effort.