Joining Calvary Church as a member means joining and participating in a specific community of faith. Calvary Church has a story to share, a history to celebrate, a heritage of faith to draw from, and a mission and vision to pursue. We seek to lead people to a committed and growing relationship with Jesus Christ and his Church. We view a person’s relationship with Christ and the Church as a life-long journey of faith. As it takes time and patience to grow a full-fledged oak tree from a nut, so spiritual growth, nurture, and maturity call for patience to let the Spirit of Jesus do His work in our lives. We invite you to join and participate in an informed and engaging way with Calvary, so that you will be a blessing and receive support and joy in belonging to Calvary Church.

Since people are at various and different stages in their journey of faith, and since we wish to be purposeful and deliberate in connecting with you as a community of faith, we work with a specific discipleship process or membership journey. The journey of discipleship has three phases (Apprentice phase; Explorer phase; and Disciple phase). The journey is more fully described in a small booklet titled “Becoming A Member of Calvary Church.” The booklet is available from our church secretary or can be found at the information booth at the church.

Here are some specific ways for people to join Calvary Church as members. One of these ways will apply to you:

A new convert or seeker, or someone new to the Christian faith:
If you are a person who has only recently embraced the Lord Jesus Christ by faith, or if you are inquiring about the Christian faith, you begin with the Apprentice phase, continue with the Explorer phase, and conclude the journey with the Disciple phase. (This is a year-long journey)

A Christian from another Christian church or evangelical community:
If this designation applies to you, you are invited to start with phase two and conclude with phase three of the discipleship journey. The Explorer phase will introduce you to the fundamental teachings of the Reformed faith as found in the Scriptures, and the Discipleship phase will introduce you to the life and ministry of Calvary Church. Once you have gone through these two phases, you will be welcomed as a professing member at Calvary Church. (This is an eight-month journey)

Professing members from another Reformed or Christian Reformed Church:
If you wish to transfer your membership from another Christian Reformed Church in North America or from a Reformed Church of America, you enter the discipleship journey beginning with phase three. At the end of that phase, you will be welcomed as a member of Calvary. (This is a four-month journey)

We love to welcome you as a member and therefore invite you to get in touch with us. Our staff will be happy to lead you on this journey, and our congregation will embrace you with open arms.