Where can I get information about the church when I visit?
  • At the Welcome Center, which is at the France Avenue entrance. Pick up the Heartbeat (our monthly newsletter), denominational information, or a bulletin from past Sundays to keep current with Calvary people and activities.


Where are the Nurseries?
  • Nurseries for infants and toddlers through age 3 are downstairs from the Worship Center in Rooms 205 and 206.
  • For easiest access to the Infant Nursery, enter from the northwest area of the parking lot through Door 4.
  • For the Toddler Nursery, enter from the southwest area of the parking lot through Door 3.


  • How can I get Large Print materials?
  • You may ask an usher for a large print Bible, bulletin, or Hymnal.


  • How can my children be involved in Children's Worship?
  • Children ages 3 through 4 are dismissed to Children's Worship in rooms north of the Commons area before the sermon. Exit the Worship Center and follow the signs.
What is the Friendship Register?
  • Fill out the Friendship Register when it is passed during the morning offering. Prayer request cards are in the Friendship Register.
  • Place your request in the offering plate; or share your request with the pastor.
  • You can also make prayer requests online.


Does Calvary have a fellowship time?
  • Yes, please stay for refreshments and fellowship following the morning service.


Where are the restrooms?
  • Restrooms are in the hall north of the Worship Center.


Are there reserved parking spaces?
  • The parking spaces closest to the entrance are reserved for persons with physical limitations and parents with infants.


How can I get onto the email list?
  • If you have a new email address or are not getting the weekly email news, note it in the Friendship Register with an asterisk or use this email link and ask to be added.


What is our Severe Weather Policy?
  • If a tornado warning has been issued for the metropolitan area and is in effect less than one hour before the time of a church function, the event will be canceled. As soon as possible, a cancellation message will be on the church answering machine. In all cases, worshipers should exercise good judgment about traveling during any type of inclement weather. If sirens are sounding during a church function, the congregation will be directed to the education wing hallways until the nature of the warning can be determined or an "all clear" is issued by the weather service.