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Joining Calvary as a member means participating in a specific community of faith. Calvary CRC has a story to share, a history to celebrate, and a mission to pursue. We invite you to join in this story and mission and to participate in the life of Calvary CRC in an informed and engaged way.

How to Join Calvary CRC

We recognize that people are at various stages in their journey of faith, and we wish to be purposeful in connecting with each of our members. We invite new members to participate in a membership journey led by Calvary’s staff. This journey includes three phases:


If you are a person who has recently come to know Jesus Christ or if you are interested in or inquiring about the Christian faith, you will begin a year-long journey of learning more about Christianity and the church through the Apprentice phase.


If you are a Christian coming to Calvary from another Christian church or evangelical community, you will begin your membership journey in the Explorer phase. This phase introduces you to Reformed teachings and traditions.


If you are a member of another Reformed or Christian Reformed church and wish to transfer your membership to Calvary, you will join the Disciple phase to learn more about the life and work of Calvary CRC. Upon completion of this third phase, you will be welcomed as a member of Calvary. 

For more information, a small booklet called “Becoming a Member of Calvary Church” is available from our church secretary or at the church Welcome Center. We are excited for you to join our family!